Friday, February 27, 2009

Confessewns of a sorta only child

Week 3 (of 4) of being an only child is coming to an end. I thought I would be miserable and sad and insane by now--and every once in a while I do get that way--but for the most part, I have a lot of fun hanging out with my parents. I don't feel like a nerd staying home. Actually.. I'm sure I'm a nerd whether or not I stay home or go out, but I don't mind being home. Home is cool.

My dad doesn't believe. He figured that by luck, or lack there of, the toothbrush he was using was always the dead one, and the toothbrush I was using was always the alive one. I use the one on the charger, he uses the one left on the sink. So my dad does this:
Yes, he brought a napkin, sharpie, and tape into the bathroom so that he could tightly wrap the working brush in the napkin, remove it from the charger, and place the identical "broken" one on the charger in its place.
Instantly, I lost faith in the brushes. I was like, "Mannnn, now I have to tear off the napkin and use this one, cuz the one on the charger is probably broken" even though before I was so convinced that both toothbrushes worked. I unwrapped the "working" one, and it didn't work. Is this some sick sort of reverse psychology? My dad would. So I tried the one on the charger, only to find that one didn't work either now!! Neither of them. Now we have to use the new toothbrushes that my dad bought from Costco. That's what happens when you lose faith.
So I'm glad God doesn't work like this. Cuz with all the stuff going on with my mom's cancer, I've gone back and forth a million times between being really pessimistic and really optimistic, and I'm glad it's not like I need absolutely perfect faith for God to be faithful. Especially for times when I feel really hopeless, I'm glad there's grace for me to not feel like I'm not allowed to think what I'm thinking. It's good to know God is faithful despite all my "what if" and "why me" and "what are you doing" questions.
This picture is really gross, but it makes me laugh really hard.

Also, my family has a lot more healthy food around the house. I'm not always really happy about it, but sometimes I am because I get to explore this whole new side of baking that uses all these crazy ingredients. I think healthy recipes are a lot more creative than recipes that just use different combinations of chocolate, butter, and sugar. 
Tonight, I made oatmeal cranberry flax seed cookies!

EDIT: okay, my mom just used the toothbrush (old one, not the new costco one) and it works. whaaaat?


trueazngangsta said...

haha this was a good one.

Lemon Tea said...

i've had those cookies before too, they're actually kinda good. you should try making your own energy bars, now thats a fun experiment. btw your mom is the buff-est friend's mom i know. haha