Monday, February 9, 2009

my life as an only child, sew far

I haven't sewn anything big in a while. I'm not feeling it right now.
But I made this ribbon flower:
I just followed this. I stuffed it in a bouquet of real flowers to see if people would notice. They haven't. And, I've tried making it again with my other ribbons, but I can't do it anymore. So I will not be making these for Valentines Day, as I do not know how anymore. Sew Sad.

Things are still sad at home, but my family is so much closer now. I definitely say that after every bad thing that happens in my family. But it has become even more true now. Even though we're miles apart. (guess where that's from!!!!)

For my mom, who can't eat anything rich, cheesy, spicy, spicey, fried, fiberous, or tomato based, and my dad, who can't eat anything fatty, salty, meaty, or starchy, and us kids, who want to eat something that will not taste like garbage, Daniel and I made turkey noodle soup and grilled vegetable sandwiches. If you can think of anything else we could have possibly made, you are incredible.

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