Thursday, February 26, 2009

allysewn beanie

This past weekend I started working on Mr. Hoffman's Shield and Scroll beanie. It looks like this.

I never really liked how these beanies look. I know some people like them, but I think it's kinda embarrassing to wear so I never wear mine. Maybe I'm just overly self-conscious.
Anyway, I was supposed to cover the white sectors with light blue felt--YEAH. FELT. It brought back so many bad memories from previous felt projects (see my other entry, "Failure".) And I'm pretty sure the entire beanie is made out of some sort of felt, which was really hard to work under the sewing machine. So I had to hand sew it. It's probably better off that way, though. Things would have gotten really ugly if I tried to do it all by machine.
I also got to try embroidering by hand! The cat was kinda just for fun, so I took it off (the legs are weird and it doesn't really look professional. Really.. Would you respect someone wearing a little cat on his head?) If I'm feeling ambitious I might try and embroider the cousin sweatshirts! (We ordered it years ago and never actually got it done.)

The Final Product!

"Mr. Hoffman, do this *asian studio pic pose with hands under chin* so I can put you on my blog!"
"What? No. Why?"
"Wait can I see it to make sure it turned out okay?...Okay, tag me."


Belle said...

why would you allow him to check the picture? :D at least he allow you to tag it. :D

steph said...

do the sweatshirts!!

Anonymous said...