Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sewme of the crafty things I've been up to

I haven't sewn for a while (although I do get to sew/embroider on Mr Hoffman's Shield & Scroll beanie, haha) and now, a lot of the time, I don't want to. Usually, when I sew, I just close the door to my room and spend the time by myself, on my floor, or at the sewing machine, cutting and sewing for hours, singing songs from Wicked to myself. I don't really want to isolate myself at home like that. I think I'd rather spend the time watching Arrested Development with my parents and fall asleep on their shoulders, or playing ping pong and getting dominated by my dad, who is surprisingly agile, or my mom, who just came out of surgery 2 days ago and can't move around, but still manages to own me so so so badly. Of course it feels good to run out of my room wearing something I just finished sewing and see the expression on my mom's face (WOW) but it's been good trying to find other crafty things to do that don't involve me isolating myself.

A little over a week ago, I made conversation heart shortbread cookies--not those nasty chalky tasting candies, to pass out at school before Valentine's Day. It's shortbread with food coloring, and the writing is done by a red food coloring marker, which was dying on me (no pun intended!!) the whole time.

Also. apparently nobody knows what S.W.A.K. means anymore. But it's not like anyone says that. I have never heard anyone say "swak," and I can't imagine a situation where anyone would. It's weird. Maybe it's just a conversation heart thing.

Another thing. I'm trying to make little clay things. I used to be really into clay a couple years ago (every time I made one I would announce to my family that I made a new little friend to play with) but I slowly stopped. But my friend at school, who makes amazing things out of clay and nail polish and anything artsy, inspired me to start up again.

Eve, rose, strawberry cake, and wildberry pop-tart. 

I miss pop-tarts. Kashi Go-Lean and Joe's O's just aren't the same as those overly frosted, just-out-of-the-toaster pop-tarts. When I go to college, I'm gonna buy pop-tarts, and I'm gonna be so happy. I used to love the strawberry ones, but I just searched pop-tarts on wikipedia, and there are so many new delicious-sounding flavors!!!

A milkshake in a tart?! I didn't think it was possible either.

mmmmmmm. This has to taste good.

Is it Eve or Eva?

And lastly, college stuff is coming out soon! I was going crazy yesterday in the halls at school when I heard people saying that UC Irvine sent out its acceptance emails. I spent at least an entire minute getting really excited, hurrying to pack up my backpack so I could check my email in the school library, before I remembered I didn't apply there. 
Still, exciting.


lorriane said...

hahahha this was a fun post to read :] and your poptart is amaaaazing.

StupidJ0N said...

LOL SWAK i know what it means now!! i googled it haha. but nice QT (pi), thats cool.