Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's not really skirt seasewn but...

I really like this fabric as a skirt.

The silver lines are pretty and not overwhelmingly sparkly. I used it on my last dress for the skirt part, too, because I can't find any other use for this fabric besides as a skirt. It looks like normal fabric (what I originally thought it was when I got it at Fabrix) but when I took it home, I found out it's like at least 90% spandex. And it's really thick. And if somebody ever invented a spandex tablecloth (like those spandex reusable book covers) they would definitely use this fabric.  So thank you, Fabrix, for tricking me into buying elastic table cloth. You win.

k I'm not really that bitter. I still like
this skirt. I still like Fabrix.

And these are the pictures of me wearing the skirt! I have to post more than one because it definitely took me longer to take pictures than to sew the skirt. I went online and found these nice guidelines for me to follow on taking pictures of things I sew. I didn't really follow most of them, but I tried sewwww hard. Especially for this last one. I was going for the scene in Model Behavior (really bad Disney Original Movie) where these identical twins think they're staring at a mirror but they're actually looking at each other.



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