Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dress like a graduate

I've been looking forward to this entire month for so long! Senior activities, orientation, and now I have graduation, Hawaii, and day camp. I can't wait. Also, I had some free time after graduation rehearsal, so I picked up some fabric to make dresses for my graduation and my cousin's wedding(!!!) coming up soon.
Graduation's on Monday, so I worked on that one on Thursday. My original intent was to create a tutorial, with pretty pictures that explain how I created my dress, but I didn't get very far. I didn't know exactly what I was doing until I was almost done. While I was walking around Fabrix, thinking of what my dress should look like and what kind of fabric I should choose, my only requirement was that I had to be able to put pockets in my dress (to hold phone/camera under my graduation gown.) But I didn't even think that through very much, because the dress I ended up making could never have pockets. There were also a lot of times where I would just stick the fabric under my sewing machine and really hope that things would turn out okay. I even broke a sewing machine needle!!!! because I was getting sloppy, trying to finish the dress in time for me to prepare for orientation, the next day. So those are all my excuses. No tutorial. At least not yet. All I have photographed is the first step, above, and the final product, here:

More pictures of the dress after graduation, I guess!
And I just came back from orientation a little while ago, so I'm exhausted and going to take a little nap now. But I will update again later this week!

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