Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weentar Break!!!

This winter break has been really relaxing. For some time now, I have just woken up whenever, sat on the couch with a fuzzy, and watched tv. And I nibbled on peppermint bark. Then I would stay up late and play tetris. And it was great for a while! For the first week or so, I embraced this sedentary lifestyle. Oh and my sleep schedule got really messed up--like I'm still trying to recover.. One day I woke up at 2PM..and I had to get woken up. So I probably could have kept going.

Yeah so after that week, I started feeling like I was too lazy, and being lazy didn't make me as happy anymore... and I wanted to do something with my life. So I made this:
My mom took these pictures for me. She likes my blog.

And I got this thumb injury in the process! I learned that my sewing machine is really hard core. One time, I accidentally left the plastic thing that covers the bobbin under the needle, and the needle sewed through the plastic! CRAY CRAY! But this time the needle didn't do anything bad.. the plastic thing that beats down next to the needle did. Anyway, it was totally worth it. It made me feel like I really did something that day, and I wasn't completely lazy. I made something that I would wear in public (and I did the next day) and I got this battle scar. Yeah! Felt good. So I learned that if I'm ever getting lazy, I need to get out there and do something more risky and challenging.

I decided I was done with just sitting around, wrapping a fuzzy around me, and watching bad commercials (I love my abdominals. I love my abs. I love my abdominals... call now. call. call. call now. call now. please call now. etc.) I wanted to not just settle for comfortable. So I made a dress. I ran... to the Barnes & Noble a couple blocks away. I read. I made dinner with my siblings. I played piano! I wanna learn that cool Canon Rebel XSi football commercial song without cheating off the other youtube videos of people that have already mastered the song. it's gonna be really cool!!
Yeah. I wanna do more challenging things.

And it made me think about what Mr. Chan told me. He said the problem with the church, that I needed to make sure I wasn't falling into, is that people are going and getting fat and lazy. and people just go to feel good and be comfortable, and not really do anything. And I probably have been doing that at New Start for a while. I've only been staying there because it's easier to go and hang out with cute little babies named John and Terri than wake up early and take up the challenge of finding a church that I learn things in, and don't get all fat and lazy in.. shoot, just playing with those cute little babies...

So I'm done with little babies (well not really--I like babies.) and being all lazy. I wanna do more challenging things now. And try harder with finding a church, even if I am going to college next fall.

anyway... look at the BABIES!

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