Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm still here

Just haven't sewn anything in a while. The sewing machine that used to sit on my desk has been replaced by a box of 50 pounds of paint that can be very difficult to move. Maybe I'll sew over spring break!

This past week I rediscovered celery and peanut butter. Please get some now or over spring break--you will thank me later!
I bought a bundle of celery on Sunday and it's all gone as of ten minutes ago. No, I did not share.

Today I taught an art class for second graders at a school in Oakland (this is why there are 50 pounds of paint on my desk). It was my third week there! Hanging out with second graders is fun, but it has not been good for my English in any way. After the first like... thirty minutes around them, I begin talking like them. I have caught myself saying phrases like:
"mmm girl, no you didn't"

"nuh uh, you cleaning up after yourself, shoot"

"ay don't be hating on her"

"oh dang girl, thats tiiight"
Yeah I know you can't imagine it.
So going from hanging out with second graders in Oakland straight into community time with my iv small group puts my language back where it normally is. hah.

Oh. Week 1:
pages of an old thesaurus
Week 2:
toilet paper rolls

Week 3:
water colors and oil pastels.
I brought twenty brand new water color sets with me today, but when I left, I only had nineteen! Thought I misplaced one, but no. Looking back on today, I totally know which girl stole one, and when. omg.

girl, imma hunt you down...


Jen said...

Your art projects are so cute! =)
& sounds like you've been having lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

they cool. i be likin them second graders