Saturday, December 26, 2009

sew late for a Christmas update

Actually, I gotta update again after we celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family tomorrow.
But here's what I have pics for so far:

Pencil bags with pretty silk remnants from my mom and checkered lining from the extra flannel that I always buy too much of. (See my tutorial)

Hair clip/bobby pin clothesline.

A new friend for my pincushion--a real dressform! Now the only problem will be finding a place in my dorm to fit her. I hope that this means clothes-making will be easier and less messy.

A purple shirt that I finished for Sarah, just a day late!
This break (so far) has been filled with a lot of hanging out with family, sleeping in, meeting up with old friends from high school and new friends from college, knowing that there is an abundance of home cooked food in the fridge, showering without flip flops on, painting my nails lavender, and tons of relaxing. Also, tons of space! I spread out sewing stuff upstairs and it's very nice. There's room everywhere for everything! I love home.

By the way, these pictures are large. Are they too much? They feel like they're a little much. But I love big pictures.

And my siblings and I have decided to start a collaborative etsy for us to sell knitted, sewn, and paper crafted goods!
Another update to come soon :)

And I guess college has made me girlier or something. I used to be very against smileys, because they are a little cutesy for my taste. But now they aite.


Jen said...

All of your sewing stuff looks great =)
& I'm sure that dress form will come in handy for you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol sorry i was using the WRONG ACCOUNT to post the removed comment above. haha.

anyway i originally said that i couldnt imagine you using the :P emoticon. cuz that sew doesn't seem like you!