Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sewwww Done with Finals!

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately. I promised myself I wouldn't sew during finals, so I had nothing to blog about (sad, I know...) But now that finals are over, I decided to go a little crazy and try making a shirt with SLEEVES! I wanted it to look sorta like an American Appearel V-neck but lower quality. The fabric was only 99 cents/yard, so there's no way it will feel as nice or soft as the real thing. But I wanted to try it so I could start learning how to sew casual clothes.
Especially now that I am a second semester senior, I have time to have fun and have sewing parties and learn how to sew more complicated things.

Now I realize that what you see below is a little gross, but I am posting it anyway!

I think we look similar, minus my skin color.

Wait what the heck. I look really dark. I can hardly tell where my lips are. This is absurd.

In other news, I need to do something with my hair. There is simply too much of it and it hinders my ping-pong playing abilities. This morning, while I was waking up and getting ready and all that, I looked at my hair in the mirror and saw something white. "What could it be?" I thought to myself. Not dandruff. Not flaky enough. Not food. Didn't eat anything white yesterday. I usually don't get food stuck in my hair. So I reach for it, combing through my hair. And out tumbles a small, shiny...



I don't know how it got there.

It could be because I use the carpet on my floor as a gigantic pin cushion, or it could be because my hair is out of control. 

You decide. <--Guess what movie that's from!

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